Fafe is “Volta’s” welcoming room

The Volta a Portugal Special Edition Jogos Santa Casa starts this Sunday in Fafe, with a 7 km prologue, which should set the first differences between the top candidates to the yellow jersey.


At the beggining of the race, the cyclists will face an individual fight against time, in a demanding route, which will put the candidates’ physical condition to the test. Even so, looking at the prologues of previous editions, it is believed that in the discussion of the first yellow jersey Jogos Santa Casa may be last year’s winner, Samuel Caldeira (W52-FC Porto), and Rafael Reis (Feirense), who won the prologue in the last two editions of the race in which he was present, 2018 and 2016. The Russian Sergei Shilov (Aviludo-Louletano) is another name to be taken into account, given his aptitude for short time trials.

The prologue starts at 15h43, with the departure of David Rodrigues (Radio Popular-Boavista). The starts will be given with one-minute intervals. The last man to go on the road is the winner of last year’s race, João Rodrigues (W52-FC Porto), at 17h20. Other names that aspire to the first positions in Lisbon, on October, 5th have the following departure times:


16h13: Emanuel Duarte (LA Alumínios-LA Sport)

16h52: Amaro Antunes (W52-FC Porto)

17h00: Frederico Figueiredo (Atum General-Tavira-Maria Nova Hotel)

17h03: Mauro Finetto (Nippo Delko Provence)

17h06: Gustavo César Veloso (W52-FC Porto)

17h07: João Benta (Rádio Popular-Boavista)

17h08: Joaquim Silva (Miranda-Mortágua)

17h10: Henrique Casimiro (Kelly-Simoldes-UDO)

17h11: Rafael Reis (Feirense)

17h12: Joni Brandão (Efapel)

17h13: Vicente García de Mateos (Aviludo-Louletano)

17h16: Gavin Mannion (Rally Cycling)

17h19: José Neves (Burgos-BH)

17h20: João Rodrigues (W52-FC Porto)

The peloton consists of 98 corridors, representing 14 teams. The Portuguese National Team, whose presence was planned, will not be lining up at the start. João Salgado was positive for covid-19, 72 hours before the race, which motivated the decision to withdraw the whole team from the race, as for the deep commitment to the sanitary rules.

It is in this same line of thought that the Portuguese Cycling Federation appeals to the civic behaviour of the fans, who must respect all the indications given by the health authorities. Fans should follow the race preferably through the media and social networks. Public access will be forbidden in the start and finish zones, so those who choose to see the race on the road should choose places with very few people, always wear a certified mask, keep their physical distance, comply with the rules of breathing etiquette and choose to applause instead of oral incentives.